HIIT Swim Workout to Incinerate Fat

incinerate fat with this HIIT Swim Workout

HIIT Type: Swim Freestyle Breaststroke Intensity: 10  (Scale of 1-10) 10 being the highest Frequency: 1 – 2 Times per week Duration: 20 – 30 minutes There’s no better way to burn calories, incinerate fat and shoot your (EPOC) Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (commonly called the after burn) right through the roof when doing this

5 Components of Fitness and Setting Goals

5 components of fitness goals defined

What does it take to reach a high level of physical fitness?  How is it defined? At the gym, you might see some people who appear to be running a marathon on the treadmill.  Others with enormous muscles might catch your attention across the way.  In the other room, with yoga-poses galore, you might wonder

How to Hold Yourself Accountable to Your Fitness Goals


Every person who has accomplished their fitness goals started with a plan. They found ways to hold themselves accountable and adhered to that plan. Most people have wishes or dreams that they call goals, but no real plan! You hear it every day from friends, family members, and even from random

How to do a Pull-Up? Focus on the Negatives!

Jenna coaches you how to pull ups - Shape Plus

Pull-Ups are a true testament to an individual’s overall strength. You are strictly pulling 100% of your body’s weight, which is not easy but is beyond satisfying. The compound exercise of a pull-up primarily engages the latissimus dorsi, biceps, deltoids, pectoralis major and core. Talk about an upper body workout within one exercise!

Cardio Defined and Has So Many Benefits Besides Just Busting Fat

cardio defined and the benefits of doing it

We know it’s the fastest way to help create the caloric deficit required to lose weight more quickly, but did you know there are many other benefits to adding regular cardio training to your exercise program? What exactly is cardio? Let’s start with the definition of just what cardio is. Cardiovascular is the term used

How Alcohol Affects Weight Loss

How alcohol affects weight loss

Many people enjoy alcoholic beverages with friends, but did you know those few drinks can be a hindrance to your weight loss efforts? Most alcoholic drinks have the same effect on the body whether they are wine, beer, or hard liquor. Diet, exercise and sleep are the most important aspects of weight loss.  The introduction

HIIT Treadmill Workout to Torch Fat Off Your Entire Body

torch fat with this HIIT Treadmill Workout

HIIT Type: Treadmill Workout Run/Sprint Rest Intensity: 10 (Scale of 1-10) 10 being the highest Frequency: 1 – 3 Times per week Duration: 20 minutes You will blaze a massive amount of calories, torch fat and rocket your Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) sky high doing this HIIT Treadmill Workout! Watch the video – 1:45

Why Everyone Should Combine Cardio and Strength Training

strength training and cardio

Whether you’re looking to trim your waistline or get totally ripped, combining both strength training and cardio into your workout regimen is key. For cardio junkies, incorporating a strength-training routine can help you improve your form, endurance, and daily calorie burn. Adding muscle has the benefit of increasing the efficiency of movement, allowing you to go