Trust yourself and you will have the body you always wanted!

Make it impossible not to succeed by gaining your own trust!.

Trust that this time is really different and that you will accomplish your end goals and that you will do whatever it takes to get there!

Gain trust in yourself by scheduling your workouts and meals in advance for the week and then make sure to follow through with that schedule.

Doing something every day brings you closer to your goals and you will be building trust, and a sense of security that your goals are DEFINITE and that they are a must instead of a should.

Obstacles will get in your way, mimosas, happy hour and overeating will set you back.  Skipping workouts and not sticking to the schedule will make you lose trust in yourself and make you fail.

So life will get in your way of accomplishment but is it really getting in the way or are you letting it, or even possibly bringing in distraction?

Realize you ALWAYS have options and FOCUS on your goals.

Stick to your schedule and you will gain trust in yourself and ultimately succeed in your goals!

Remember -If you can’t trust yourself then who can you trust?


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