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6 Simple Tips to Stay Fit on Vacation

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Fitness Tips

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Stay Fit On Vacation with these 6 simple tips
Taking time off for vacation is a healthy thing.  Let’s keep it that way. Many will scream, “but hey this is vacation” and they will proceed to wreck their body, intended or not. However, many will come back from vacation looking and feeling better than ever because that was their intention. I assume that since you are reading this your intention is to stay fit on vacation or weight loss on vacation.  So set your goal and follow through with these six simple stay fit on vacation and weight loss strategies on vacation.



  1. Set Your Goal – Stay fit on vacation or achieve weight loss on vacation.
  2. Pack Your Supplements – You will need your favorite protein bars, shakes, nuts, supplements, and vitamins.
  3. Workout gear – Pack at least one set of workout clothes and running or cross-training shoes.



Timing – Continue to eat every three to four hours and don’t skip meals.

Calculate Time -You will be eating out often so it is important to remember your timing when traveling to each restaurant and you may also encounter lines to be seated. Also calculate the time from when you sit down and order until your food arrives at your table.  Normally I would plan to be on my way to the restaurant up to an hour in advance.

Special Ordering – In order to get what you need and not what you don’t need then it will be important to tell your waiter or waitress specifics such as things to put on the side and ask questions about how things are cooked i.e. grilled or fried, steamed or sautéed and make substitutions such as steamed vegetables for rice pilaf or salad instead or mashed potatoes. Prepare to spend a little extra for substitutions, but you are worth it.

What kinds of foods – If you are at a tropical location then go for fish and vegetables. If you are not at a tropical location then stick to lean sources of protein and order vegetables or salad with it.  Grilled chicken on salads is always a simple go-to meal at most restaurants.

Don’t eat the rolls and send back the chips or at least push them away from your reach.

Portion Sizes and leftovers – If you wouldn’t eat that much at home then don’t do it now! Leave the leftovers behind and remember it’s not waste – it’s waist!

Dessert – It’s vacation I know, but if you are going to eat dessert then just skip dinner.

Keep some protein bars or shakes with you for when it is inconvenient to sit down for a meal or when a meal is delayed.

Feeling deprived or empowered?

It’s all in what you tell yourself.  If you tell yourself you are being deprived, well then, you are and you will not enjoy yourself.  If you tell yourself that you are empowered by your solid vacation food choices then you will feel like a million bucks!



Avoid alcohol.

Remember your new healthy lifestyle.  Gulping down drink after drink doesn’t fit into your new lifestyle.  Stay committed to looking and feeling great.

If you do drink:  Weight loss ends and weight gain begins!

The damage you may do is not so easily undone when you get back so…

Choose simple cocktails that are clear such as vodka soda (not tonic) or a White Wine Spritzer vs. foofoo drinks such as Margaritas or Pina Colada’s.

  • Vodka Soda – 64 calories 1 oz. shot of most common vodkas and 3-4 drinks can be 192-256 calories.
  • Margarita – 500-plus calories and more than 60 grams of sugar.
  • Pina Colada – 450 to 650 calories think coconut cream fat and up to 90 grams of sugar.


EXERCISE– of course you are going to exercise!

How often?

Goal:  Weight Loss – Every day 30 – 60 minute workouts.

Goal:  Maintain weight – Every other day 30 – 60 minute workouts.

What kind of exercise?

The simplest form of exercise on vacation is to run, jog, or brisk walks depending on your current fitness and conditioning level.  You can just put on your gear and run out the door in minutes whatever time of day it is.  It’s also a great way to see the local scene whether it be the beach or downtown Denver.  If you prefer a treadmill and the place you are staying at has one then use it.

Since your goal is staying fit then cardio is king on this trip. So keep it simple and leave the weights for when you get back home.


FRIENDS, family, significant other, spouse

Some may be supportive and that’s great.  WooHoo!

Some may give you some resistance and who knows maybe use the “selfish” word.  What they really mean is that either you are going to make them feel guilty by taking care of yourself while they indulge and use vacation as an excuse or maybe they sincerely feel that they aren’t going to get to enjoy your company and that your new found love of exercise is going to take over their vacation.

Either way, if you take a calm moment to help them understand it is important to you to keep up your routine and that it will help you enjoy your vacation even more with them, rather than announce “I’m out of here “slackers” while tying your sneakers and running out the door.  You will likely be more able to enjoy your workout and their company when you return.

Alternatively, you could offer to them that they can do it with you and who knows, maybe it could be the start of sharing healthy habits that could go home with you or it could possibly lead to a really lousy workout full of whining and moaning and later altercations.  Definitely a risky move, but hey it’s your call.



Stay in a rental house or condo instead of a hotel.

You can do some shopping to stock the fridge and get exactly what you need as soon as you land at or drive into your destination city.

You can make sandwiches or wraps and pack them for when you are on-the-go.

You can cook when it is convenient and when it’s time for you to eat. This actually is great for saving money too!

Your first meal breakfast is in the bag!  On time and just the right calories. Breakfast can either start you on the way to your goals or derail you completely for the day so waking up and eating within an hour will be pivotal in your goal of losing weight or maintaining weight while on vacation.

You know that every meal you eat at your rental should be right on target for your calories because you know all the ingredients.


With a little preparation and the right mindset you can have fun and stay fit on vacation.

Jess Hogue

Jess Hogue


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