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 You can look and feel amazing with our personal training and nutritional guidance from Denver’s expert personal trainers.

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1140 Yuma Ct.
Denver, CO 80204 (8th & I-25)


 (303) 726-8279


Mon-Fri – 5am-8pm
Sat-Sun – Closed


Our Denver Location

Near Downtown Denver at 8th Ave and I-25

Our Denver personal training gym is conveniently located in Downtown Denver right off 8th & I-25. We’re a 20-minute or less drive in Denver or from Lakewood, the Highlands, Platte Park, Littleton, and Wash Park.

We have all the most technologically advanced equipment available. On nice days, we have access to the outdoors via a large bay door at the back of the gym. This outdoor access allows us fresh air and a great view of downtown; it’s a perfect space for tire flipping, sprints, agility drills, and more. Lastly, we have 20 parking spaces directly in front of the gym. No need to drive in circles, cursing at the sky.

Amazing Personal Training Programs in Denver

Our gym near Downtown Denver, CO is equipped with top-notch equipment and our team of certified personal trainers is dedicated to providing the knowledge, motivation, support and accountability you need to succeed!

Our personal training programs for strength, muscle tone and weight loss, are customized specifically for you to achieve your goals. All programs include goal setting, customized training, nutritional guidance and body fat testing. Ongoing assessments are done to adjust your training as you continue to progress toward your goals.

Everyone has amazing strength and abilities inside of themselves, and it is our job to bring out those strengths and abilities, but in order to reach our full potential oftentimes we must get out of our own way.”

-Jess Hogue – Founder

Personal training programs for weight loss, strength training, and to look and feel amazing


Our personal training programs include weight loss and strength training for men and women.

Customized Nutrition plans that make our training highly successfull


Your nutritional program will be exactly what you need to reach your goals on time.

Before and After photos of our successful training programs


Check out our Amazing Results with before and after pictures including Testimonials.

Read What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

Olivia KinetOlivia Kinet
20:39 12 Oct 22
Can’t say enough good things about Shape Plus! Greg balances the perfect amount of challenges and support to help me hit my goals. Plus, the whole team has created an incredibly welcoming environment that made me feel comfortable from Day 1. Thanks for all that you do!
01:45 05 Jul 22
Shape Plus is the best gym in Colorado hands down. I’ve had the pleasure of working out at Shape Plus for almost two years and I’m in the best shape of my life.
02:38 30 Jun 22
I train with James and that guy holds me accountable to achieve my goals, pushes me through my exercises when I’m ready to give up and is always patient when I’m struggling. Check these guys out they’re fun but they mean business when it comes to helping you out and get those gains!💪
Linda BaikLinda Baik
20:17 24 May 22
Highly recommend Shape Plus! I’ve been seeing Shawna for about 6 months and she’s incredible! She is extremely knowledgeable and finds alternative exercises for me since I have bad knees/back. I never dread going to my sessions. I enjoy weight training and I notice and feel the results!
Deven MiddletonDeven Middleton
23:01 13 Oct 21
I’ve been a member of Shape Plus for over two years now and there’s no better place to start — and maintain — your fitness goals! Greg was my first personal trainer and he is simply the best. I have consistently hit my goals due to the nutrition and diet that’s been created specifically for me and of course from form, posture, and confidence training necessary for weight lifting. If you’re looking for a community of people dedicated to feeling their best, Shape Plus is the place to go. If you’re looking for an amazing trainer, listener, and cheerleader — ask for Greg!!

Ready to Make a Change?

Contact Shape Plus and get started with your fitness goals.

Why Choose ShapePlus in Denver?

Do you want to look amazing? Do you want to feel amazing?  Shape Plus has transformed people’s bodies and provided amazing personal training in Denver for 19 years. It’s ok to get excited about this. It’s ok to get your hopes up. You can look and feel amazing with your fully customized training and nutrition plan!

Smaller Numbers

We maintain a great balance of space, equipment, clients, and trainers. We realized early on that having loads of clients packed into a space with their trainers and having to wait for equipment was not conducive to a great workout or happy clients.

Fun and Friendly Environment

We love fitness and working out and want you to love it too! Whether you’re new to the gym, making a comeback, or a seasoned athlete, let’s have a great time. Sure, you’ll hurt and get sweaty, but so is everyone else. In that mix of pain and sweat, throw in some high-fives and laughter, and you’ll see how fun this endorphin therapy called working out can be.

Focused Results

We aren’t going to judge you, but we are going to push you because we know what’s possible and how to get you the results you deserve. Your trainer will be with you every step of the way.  Teaching and coaching you on the correct form of exercises to minimize possible injuries and work your body correctly so you can continue progressing even beyond your dreams.

Ready To Start Your Transformation?

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Amazing Results! See For Yourself



Before I started training with Shape Plus, I was not the cliché scenario where I woke up overweight one morning and couldn’t recognize myself. I actively...

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Meet Our Denver Personal Trainers

We are proud to have a team of highly qualified and experienced personal trainers at our Denver gym and we all have a passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals.

If you want to build muscle, lose weight, or just get in better shape overall to hike the tallest mountain or even fit into your favorite pair of jeans from high school then our trainers will create a personalized workout plan that can deliver the results you want.

All of our trainers and knowledgeable in strength building, conditioning, nutrition and we will minimize possible injuries. With our positive attitude and supportive vibe (without being sappy) we will motivate you and hold you accountable to reach your full potential.

We want to do something amazing with you!

Badge showing personal trainer certifications

Highest Certified Trainers

At ShapePlus, our trainers work with individuals of different fitness levels, including injuries and limitations. In addition, our trainers maintain a current CPR/AED Certification from the American AED CPR Association and a NASM Personal Trainer certification or ACE Personal Trainer certification.


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