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Meet our Denver Personal Trainers

“Jess and the Shape Plus trainers are phenomenal.” – Jeremy W.

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Our trainers at our Denver location have up to 17 years of training experience and the highest in certifications. Our job and our passion is helping people achieve their goals and doing something amazing with every client we train.

We are ready to do something amazing with you!”

jess is the owner and personal trainer of Shape Plus

Jess – Founder

Jess started Shape Plus in 2003 which is the same year he received his ACE trainer certification. His original gym has been at its Yuma Court location in Denver for almost as long.

The whole philosophy behind his vision for Shape Plus has been simple: Focus on HELPING people. No matter what the goal of the client is, you can pretty much guarantee Jess will get them there.

He still answers most all calls to Shape Plus and meets personally with almost every new client to make sure they get the right trainer for them. Jess has been fanatically fit for nearly thirty years, and has never allowed a Krispy Krème Doughnut anywhere near his body.

His undying passion & focus ALWAYS finishes first. In regards to working out, if you feel most alive when you feel like you’re about to die, then Jess should definitely be your trainer. His clients always dig his workouts, and you can even catch them grinning when he does his “My-Client’s-In-Pain” dance.

I always say that Jess could find a way to make the DMV fun, and his workouts are no different. Those who train with him absolutely LOVE every torture-fest, and they always come back for more. Just bring your “A” game, because without a doubt, he will futilely try to kill you and you will become stronger than you ever imagined. I am not joking.

He is always sure that there is still 45 minutes left in your workout session.  You can often hear him saying “show me your pain face”.  One of his main objectives for every client is to be able to do a pull up on their own. He is responsible for 20+ first pull ups, literally thousands of pounds of weight loss, amazing transformation after transformation, and gotten to share so many amazing “first times”.  He considers himself honored to be a part of so many peoples lives.

Jess believes that “Everyone has amazing strength and abilities inside of themselves, and it is our job to bring out those strengths and abilities, but in order to reach our full potential oftentimes we must get out of our own way.”  “The only thing that keeps us from having the fitness, health or body we want are the excuses we tell ourselves about why we can’t have it.”

Jess is married to Shawna, also a trainer at Shape Plus. They have two young children so he understands the struggle to stay fit, eat right, balance a heavy workload and still maintain quality family time.


  • Founded Shape Plus in 2003
  • ACE Personal Trainer Certification
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Weight Loss Specialist
  • Group Training Specialist
  • MAT Pilates Certified
  • 17 yrs Training Experience
Shawna is a personal trainer & partner at Shape Plus


Shawna is an ACE Personal Trainer and Schwinn Cycling Instructor, as well as a Certified Youth Fitness Specialist. She has trained exclusively at Shape Plus for 12 years now, and helping her clients to lead a HEALTHY lifestyle is a great passion of hers. She firmly believes that if you focus on consistent training while eating wholesome & nutritious foods that make you feel great, then aesthetics will undoubtedly follow.

Shawna always does her very best to avert workout boredom by developing unique strength & sports conditioning programs for clients of all fitness levels. Shawna has the ability to put fitness new comers at ease, and make them feel comfortable and confident in no time at all.  Her focus as a Personal Trainer is to help and inspire her clients to find the type of fitness that they ENJOY doing on a regular basis, which ultimately helps them achieve not only consistency, but also maintenance once they reach their ultimate goal. She wants every person whom she trains to have the knowledge & proper tools for continuing on their fitness journey, and often reminds them that  “Exercise is like brushing your teeth…you shouldn’t ever skip it, right?? ” .

With that in mind, the least-pleasurable thing that most of her clients hope to forgo is Burpees. Her slightly masochistic but intriguing variations of this exercise will make you question your sanity for sticking around until you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and realize that your hard work is definitely paying off. All jokes aside, she says that there is nothing more rewarding than helping people overcome obstacles & make themselves stronger (inside and out).

With so much in her arsenal, Shawna is huge asset to Shape Plus. Her strength training and conditioning experience has also helped the best to become EVEN better, such as the 2016 IBJJF NOGI Worlds Double Gold Champion, Nicole Evangelista!

When it come to her own workouts, Shawna lives what she preaches, and enjoys everything from Running to Powerlifting and Yoga.  She considers the numerous benefits of cross-training to be invaluable to every exceptional athlete. Shawna has been seen doing 20 consecutive Pull-Ups (at the end of an Obstacle Race), weighted pistol squats on the Bosu Ball, and deadlifting nearly 3xs her body weight. She knows how to work through setbacks and set the mind frame of how to come back even stronger! Only 20 months after ACL reconstruction, Shawna set a USPA Colorado State Record in the Master’s Division for Bench Press and Deadlift. Her preferred fuel for those types of lifts includes turkey tacos and copious amounts of peanut butter.

Like many mothers, she navigates the challenge of balancing work and fitness while creating valuable family time. Married to Jess with their two young children, she loves hiking, cooking, and family vacations…preferably to any warm & tropical place where she can sit by the ocean with her Kindle.


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • USPA Colorado State Record in the Master’s Division for Bench Press and Deadlift
  • Group Fitness Specialist
  • Certified Youth Fitness Specialist
  • Schwinn Cycling Instructor
  • 12 yrs Training Experience
Shawna is a personal trainer & partner at Shape Plus

Greg – Manager

Greg has been a ACE certified trainer at Shape Plus for 12 years and he has a number of clients who have been working out with him for exactly that long.

His approach to ensuring his clients training and programs are always on point includes making sure they are enjoying their workouts. This comes from his own enthusiasm and pure love for fitness which is addictive.

Abs and core work are always first with him. His philosophy on that is to get them out of the way so that you do not have to do them at the end of your workout (or end up skipping them all together!).

If you work out with Greg on a Friday, chances are you’ll be doing some Clean & Press (Heck yeah!). That surely is one killer way to start your weekend!

You can expect a wide variety of exercises and workouts when training with him. He likes to mix it up utilizing everything from free weights to medicine balls, rings, exercise bands, sleds, kettle bells, Bosu balls and so much more are in his toolbox. You will never get bored with your workouts!

“I feel that helping people get excited about exercise and improving the way they look and feel is the best approach to getting them “addicted” to daily exercise and making it a part of their regular routine.”

“When my clients return to the gym and tell me that they missed me, I know I have opened them up to a healthier lifestyle that they can’t live without. When you become aware of your body through exercise and feel muscles you didn’t know you had exercise becomes even more rewarding with each improvement of strength and looks.”


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Specialist
  • Core Strength Specialist (CSP)
  • 12 yrs Training Experience
Shawna is a personal trainer & partner at Shape Plus


We are beyond stoked to introduce Jenna as a member of the Shape Plus Army.

Jenna aka “JAM” is a NASM certified trainer and was born and raised in Ohio, then later attended Miami University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Health in 2015.

She has always been extremely passionate about sports, and grew up playing soccer, basketball and softball.  In 2014, Jenna completed her first & only half-marathon (that makes her HALF Crazy!).  She also competed in her first NPC Figure Show in September of 2016.

Jenna’s hobbies include any and all sports at the park…especially some volleyball!  She absolutely LOVES Leg Day, and Jenna says that dead-lifts are her Jam! Jenna’s fitness level & physique are the result of perseverance and consistency, which she believes are key to achieving any goal.

Just as you will always see her smiling, Jenna likes to ensure that her clients also smile and laugh while they are working hard during their training sessions.

Jenna believes that Strong is the new Skinny, and she is undeniably a force to be reckoned with in & outside of the gym.


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Health
  • NPC Figure Competitor
  • 5 yrs Training Experience
Badge showing personal trainer certifications