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With our personal training and nutritional guidance from Greenwood Village / DTC’s expert personal trainers you can look and feel amazing.

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Our DTC – Greenwood Village Location

DTC Location at Arapahoe and I-25

Our DTC personal training gym is about 1 minute from the intersection of Arapahoe and I-25, We are a 13-minute or less drive from Lone Tree, Parker, Cherry Hills, and Highlands Ranch.

We have 3200 sq ft to work out in, and it’s decked out in the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Located in front of Target and just like our Denver location, we have great parking directly in front of our gym.


6787 S Clinton St A
Greenwood Village, CO 80112


 (303) 877-2883


Mon-Fri – 5am-8pm
Sat-Sun – Closed


Amazing Personal Trainer Programs in DTC

Shape Plus is located in the Denver Tech Center (DTC) in Greenwood Village.

We deliver amazing results for our clients by creating a training and nutrition program perfectly suited to their unique requirements and objectives.

Fact: Plans fail when they aren’t built for you.

The greatest plan in the world won’t work if you can’t follow it!

To ensure that you can follow through with your plan, we consider a range of requirements when creating your program. These include your daily schedule, personal obligations, and professional obligations, all intending to minimize ‘friction’ and maximize your time and energy.

Your objectives may be weight loss, strength gains, muscle gains, and/or health, as well as a variety of performance goals too numerous to list. These objectives guide us in the training that is best suited for you.

So much goes into creating the amazing results we are known for. We have figured it all out so you don’t have to.


Everyone has amazing strength and abilities inside of themselves, and it is our job to bring out those strengths and abilities, but in order to reach our full potential oftentimes we must get out of our own way.”

-Jess Hogue – Founder


Our DTC personal training programs include weight loss and strength training for men and women.


Your nutritional program will be exactly what you need to achieve your goals on time.


Check out our Amazing Results with before and after pictures including Testimonials.

Read What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

Daniel BentrottDaniel Bentrott
20:31 29 Dec 22
Have been coming here for about 3 months now, excellent atmosphere. Trainers are awesome and I'm well on my way to the results I want!!! Definitely recommend checking out they'll help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals!
Karin SengulKarin Sengul
02:44 30 Nov 22
I had the pleasure of training with Omid at Shape Plus. I can’t say enough good things. He really helped me understand the most strategic nutrition plan to help build muscle, keep me full and most importantly, control cravings. I was also a little nervous I was going to be pushed beyond my ability. I never felt pressured and always felt like the results were achievable. Omid kept track of the weight I was lifting and would watch to see if I needed an extra few pounds for my next set. The results were very real results in strength that I was not getting from fitness classes or other personal trainers before. Omid is a positive and enthusiastic trainer that genuinely finds joy in helping people with their weight loss and fitness journey. He is also extremely responsive and helpful, I texted about food temptations during a weekend more than once and he was always right there to help me make better choices. I highly recommend Omid and Shape Plus if you are looking to be the strongest, healthiest version of yourself.
Nick BaileyNick Bailey
20:38 21 Oct 22
What a difference ShapePlus and especially Omid have done to make a difference in my pursuit of health and fitness! I’ve had trainers for 17 years and Omid is top of my list. Always energetic, professional and positive. Very flexible with my demanding schedule and the best part for me….no two days are the same. Always challenging me and changing it up. A young man with an amazing career ahead of him and a great story of his own personal fitness journey. Thanks Omid for making me look and feel amazing!!
Naomi NicholsNaomi Nichols
21:54 29 Jun 22
Jess and the trainers at Shape Plus are simply amazing! The staff is very welcoming, friendly and positive. They are dedicated and passionate about really helping you meet your fitness goals. Jess is an excellent and knowledgeable trainer. He has really helped me to focus and achieve my goals. I can’t wait to hit my next milestone! I look forward to working hard and getting in a good workout. I have couldn’t recommend the gym & community at Shape Plus enough.
Amanda Deborah BheekaAmanda Deborah Bheeka
19:58 23 Jun 22
Very professional, I would 100% recommend it.I told Omid that I wanted to lose weight and tone up my body and at the end of my 10 weeks, I was extremely happy with my results.Going from 144 pounds to 130 pounds in just 10 weekswas amazing.Communication was also great. Omid is very good at his job.
Jessica RayJessica Ray
03:09 22 Jun 22
Shape Plus and the entire staff team are INCREDIBLE! It's a no nonsense, get down to work type of personal training facility! They want all of their clients to succeed and they provide the tools necessary for them to do so. All you literally have to do...is show up and do the work and you WILL see the results! I love seeing weekly improvements! It's truly the BEST hour of your day!

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Why Choose ShapePlus in DTC?

Our training experience goes a long way in getting our clients’ amazing results. We have trained thousands of clients in DTC since 2018 and in our original gym since 2003. Our dedication to continuously innovating and improving our strength training and nutritional programs has allowed us to consistently deliver amazing results to our clients.

Our Vibe

Positive vibes! Everyone here works out with a personal trainer. There are no general memberships, so you won’t have to worry about typical gym problems.

We welcome people of all fitness levels, including beginners who have never set foot in a gym. Our trainers are dedicated to creating a comfortable and encouraging environment, free of intimidation, for clients of all experience levels to reach their fitness goals. Everyone supports one another in their efforts to improve themselves. I don’t know how we got so lucky, but we have the best clients!

Experienced Knowledgeable Trainers

All of our experienced, knowledgeable trainers are capable of helping you achieve the gains in strength, muscle tone, and fat loss that you want. Your fitness expert will create a training and nutritional program with you. They will also provide ongoing support and motivation while holding you accountable to help you stay on track. 

We aren’t the “too cool” trainers you’ve seen around. We’re friendly, and welcoming, and we want to share our love of fitness with you.

Customized Programs

We will create a fully personalized MMAP® (Massive Multiple Action Plan) to help you reach your goals. We will start by listening to you and understanding your objectives. Based on your fitness level, we will tailor your program to include the appropriate types, intensity, frequency, and duration of strength training, circuit training, and cardio exercises. By combining this with our custom nutrition program, we will ensure that you have the support and guidance you need to make your goals a reality.

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Amazing Results! See For Yourself

Pics inside of our DTC gym

Meet Our DTC Personal Trainers

We are proud to introduce our team of personal trainers in DTC at Greenwood Village, who are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about fitness. We are committed to providing customized personal training sessions, programs, and ongoing support to help you reach
your full goals and full potential.

Whether it is your first time in the gym or you’re a seasoned athlete, our trainers can
create a program that can help you lose weight, build muscle, or simply look and feel amazing.

Badge showing personal trainer certifications

Highest Certified Trainers

At ShapePlus, our trainers work with individuals of different fitness levels, including injuries and limitations. In addition, our trainers maintain a current CPR/AED Certification from the American AED CPR Association and a NASM Personal Trainer certification or ACE Personal Trainer certification.


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