The Top 10 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

The Top 10 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

Are you debating whether or not you should hire a personal trainer? If you want to reach your fitness goals properly and have a consistent motivator on your side, you should hire a personal trainer. These professionals can do wonders for your fitness goals and your life. Let’s explore the top ten reasons you should hire yourself a Denver personal trainer to reach your fitness goals!

  1. They Push You

It is easy to cheat ourselves when we are working out alone. A personal trainer is not only there to provide encouragement and motivation, but you are also far more likely to work harder in the presence of another person. Your personal trainer is also going to help you set realistic goals, help you take the steps to get there every day, and once you reach your goals celebrate your triumphs with you.

  1. Regularity

Is it hard for you to find a consistent routine? Personal trainers will help give your routines a level of consistency. Plus, they will ensure that you can’t skip leg day or any other workouts you may not like and try to skip when working out by yourself.

  1. Vision

Getting a clear idea about fitness and nutrition can be very difficult. There is so much contradictory information all over the place when it comes to best practices for fitness and nutrition. Your personal trainer will be able to help push you through the misinformation and provide you with the proper guidance and information on your fitness journey.

  1. Confidence Boost

Many people find the gym to be an intimidating place the first few times they go. However, when you go with a personal trainer and are properly working out and using the free weights and machines, you will feel more confident. Promoting self-confidence is an important function of a personal trainer to ensure that you keep working out and sticking to your fitness plan.

  1. Technique 

It is far too easy to hurt yourself or overextend yourself when working out. A personal trainer is there to make sure that all of your techniques are proper and that you are not doing too much. This ensures that your body remains healthy throughout your workouts and doesn’t get injured by improper technique or strain.

  1. Individuality

The great part about having a personal trainer is that they work with you and your needs. Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all thing. You need personal attention if you want to get the very best results and this is what a personal trainer can provide you.

  1. Train

If you are trying to get ready for a marathon or football season or any specific activity, a personal trainer can assist in making sure that you are getting the proper fitness and eating right before you get into something. They not only help improve your performance in these specific activities but they will also help you reduce your chance of injury.

  1. Medical Conditions

Fitness is an important facet of a healthy life for anyone even if they suffer from certain medical conditions that make working out harder or different. A personal trainer can help anyone get the most out of their fitness routine no matter what medical conditions they may have. If you have a medical condition and are unsure about working out, your personal trainer can coordinate with your medical professional to make sure that you are being safe.

  1. Getting Older

As we age our workout routines need to change as well in order for them to be their most effective. Personal trainers can be adept at designing and implementing fitness routines for any person at any stage in their life.

  1. It is More Fun 

Exercising feels good. A great personal trainer will make sure that your sessions are fun and productive. You will be eager to see your personal trainer again for your next session because you will be having such a good time.

Please contact us to learn more about fitness and the benefits of hiring a personal trainer.

The Top 7 Motivational Workout Playlists On Spotify

The Top 7 Motivational Workout Playlists On Spotify

Whether you are training at the gym, sitting on a Schwinn bike, or taking a hike/jog/run, motivational music is the single common denominator that can make or break your entire workout.

With applications like iTunes, Pandora, Iheartradio, and Spotify (my personal favorite which we will discuss!), you can listen to anything with the touch of a button. That makes having the perfect workout tunage E.A.S.Y. If you are willing to pay 10 bucks per month, you can get commercial free stream on Spotify. And it’s so worth it, because awesome music = awesome workouts, right?!?

Now, the fastest way to find playlists is to browse some of the genres, such as “Workout” & “Running”. This can be okay (sometimes), but if you want to get a bit more specific, I have compiled 7 various Spotify stations below for you to try.

Here are my top 7 motivational workout playlists on Spotify

I have included some additional info to give you ideas & options for perfect workout music.

  1. Calvin Harris – This station has the beats of David Guetta, Major Laser, and Daft Punk. It’s good energy for cardio like running or cycling, as well as hustling that last round for time.
  2. Moth Into Flame – If you need something a little heavier, look no more because you will find exactly what you need here to squeeze out those last few reps to make your biceps SCREAM (No joke). Lots of Slayer, Metallica and Iron Maiden. Rock On!
  3. The 00’s radio – A little bit of everything that is current pop–Kanye, Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz, and Flo-Rida. You won’t be judged for choosing this station, however, you have to promise not to sing along while you’re squatting. Please and thank you.
  4. Joywave radio – Fairly up beat Alternative, with a good mix of artists including Misterwives, Walk the Moon and the Neighborhood. Great if you’re just looking to listen to something different and upbeat.
  5. Britney Spears radio – Because it’s Britney y’all! No explanation needed.
  6. Walk radio — Undeniably, Dave Grohl is awesome, and if you like the Foo Fighters, then this one’s for you. There is a nice blend of rock, but the only perplexing thing about this station is the appearance of the band Creed. Just stay focused on your set & skip those songs!
  7. Kiiara radio—Here you will find many cool tunes from the Chainsmokers, Lucas Graham and gnash. This is perfect for a cool down and stretching, or maybe even a VERY slow workout. I guess a slow workout is better than no work out at all. Right?!?

So there you go…now tune in, get motivated, get moving and enjoy!!