Before you invest in Home Gym Equipment

get more from personal training than home gym equipment

With the fitness and health industries booming, people in Denver are trying to find more convenient and cost-effective ways to stay fit. Should I get a personal trainer? I could sign up for a general membership at a local gym… or just get some home gym equipment & work out at home. The possibilities are

6 Tips to Stay Fit at Thanksgiving

stay fit on thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  The great overindulging, spending time with people who may make you want to stuff your feelings with food and alcohol holiday! Thanksgiving is a happy time, but it can also be stressful. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, we will have lots of laughs, but at times I want to strangle

Fitness Tips: To squat, or not to squat?

Are squats good for you?

We’ve all heard it at some point throughout our fitness journeys:  Squatting is bad for you… it ruins your knees… it wears out your back… it’s an unnecessary part of most workout regimens.  All of that certainly can be true if the only squat education you’ve ever believed was gathered from your

Setting Fitness Goals – Not Limitations

map of fitness goals

“Today, I’m not going to push it too hard at the gym. I’m just going to get it over with.” “I need a day off.” “Tomorrow will be different.” “Right now, my work/family/social life is more important.” Sound familiar? After you decide you aren’t going to “push it too hard at the gym” on Monday,