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Life over the course of the past 1 1/2 years that I have been training at Shape Plus has been both challenging and amazing. I am so proud and thankful that I have been able to accomplish goals that felt impossible before. I have traveled to new places, said goodbye to an aunt far too soon, welcomed a new niece into this world, spent holidays with loved ones, made new friends, shaved ten minutes off my previously best 10k time, survived workplace woes, swum in oceans and lakes, overcome medical hurdles, learned how to do a handstand push-up, given my trainer Ryan a run for his money, gained a whole lot of confidence, and lost over 20 lbs. It took almost a year for me to drop below my starting weight for more than a week or two at a time (more on that, below). About half way through that year, in between sets on the leg press, I looked at Ryan with tears in my eyes and told him I didn’t think I could do it, anymore. I didn’t know how to keep going, or why I continued to try. Instead of telling me I was wrong, he told me it was okay if I didn’t believe in myself, because he believed in me enough for the both of us. He said he’d keep believing in me and I just needed to keep showing up and following the plan. So I did. And he did, too. During this time, I received some unwanted health related news. My body was pretty out of whack, but I was in much better shape medically speaking than I would have been in if I hadn’t been working out and following my nutritional plan. As my doctor and I navigated my medical maze, I started to believe in myself again. Slowly but surely, the number on the scale finally began to change, too. As the pounds fell away and my immune system got stronger, I began to realize that I could do “it.” I could be successful, lose weight, love my body, feel proud, exude confidence, and keep going. I could, and I can, do things that feel impossible. I am so grateful to Ryan for being a rock. He’s definitely one of my biggest cheerleaders, and somehow, he’s become one of my favorite (well-intentioned, sometimes obnoxious, always supportive) people. If you are wondering if you should give Shape Plus a call, do it. Know that you can do things that feel impossible too, and you don’t have to do them alone. You’re worth it! – AB

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