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  • Founded Shape Plus in 2003
  • ACE Personal Trainer Certification
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Weight Loss Specialist
  • Group Training Specialist
  • MAT Pilates Certified
  • 17 yrs Training Experience


Founder, Personal Trainer

We are ready to do something amazing with you!”

-Jess Hogue – Founder

Jess started Shape Plus in 2003 which is the same year he received his ACE trainer certification. His original gym has been at its Yuma Court location in Denver for almost as long.

The whole philosophy behind his vision for Shape Plus has been simple: Focus on HELPING people. No matter what the goal of the client is, you can pretty much guarantee Jess will get them there.

He still answers most all calls to Shape Plus and meets personally with almost every new client to make sure they get the right trainer for them. Jess has been fanatically fit for nearly thirty years, and has never allowed a Krispy Krème Doughnut anywhere near his body.

His undying passion & focus ALWAYS finishes first. In regards to working out, if you feel most alive when you feel like you’re about to die, then Jess should definitely be your trainer. His clients always dig his workouts, and you can even catch them grinning when he does his “My-Client’s-In-Pain” dance.

I always say that Jess could find a way to make the DMV fun, and his workouts are no different. Those who train with him absolutely LOVE every torture-fest, and they always come back for more. Just bring your “A” game, because without a doubt, he will futilely try to kill you and you will become stronger than you ever imagined. I am not joking.

He is always sure that there is still 45 minutes left in your workout session.  You can often hear him saying “show me your pain face”.  One of his main objectives for every client is to be able to do a pull up on their own. He is responsible for 20+ first pull ups, literally thousands of pounds of weight loss, amazing transformation after transformation, and gotten to share so many amazing “first times”.  He considers himself honored to be a part of so many peoples lives.

Jess believes that “Everyone has amazing strength and abilities inside of themselves, and it is our job to bring out those strengths and abilities, but in order to reach our full potential oftentimes we must get out of our own way.”  “The only thing that keeps us from having the fitness, health or body we want are the excuses we tell ourselves about why we can’t have it.”

Jess is married to Shawna, also a trainer at Shape Plus. They have two young children so he understands the struggle to stay fit, eat right, balance a heavy workload and still maintain quality family time.

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Highest Certified Trainers

At ShapePlus, our trainers work with individuals of different fitness levels, including injuries and limitations. In addition, our trainers maintain a current CPR/AED Certification from the American AED CPR Association and a NASM Personal Trainer certification or ACE Personal Trainer certification. 

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