When I look back at how I was before and how I am now, I’m beyond ecstatic.
The physical changes are the easiest part–and they aren’t easy, neither!–but the stuff inside, repairing that…it’s not so easy but my personal trainer Jess has helped me with that. I have lost enough weight and I am close to my goal and I am fully committed to staying in motion all the time, that I don’t have to think about those parts quite as much (I do still think about them a lot, but it’s not troublesome anymore). I know reaching my goal is going to happen even though other’s tell me

I look great now after only 3 months and 49 lbs later.  I don’t have to question that anymore. What I’m struggling with (and in a very positive way) is all the stuff inside. I have to report I’m experiencing some serious growing pains and making huge strides in my personal and professional life too!  My confidence in my results from personal training at Shape Plus has transferred to the rest of my life! 
I have already achieved what I once thought was impossible.  Thank you Jess and all of the Shape Plus personal trainers for making me believe!