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“I can whole heartedly say that deciding to train at Shape Plus personal training was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had always been an athlete and always lean. I was a college cross country and track athlete -and had been running competitively since I was 12. One super unlucky fall on the slopes of the mountains while skiing kind of turned my life upside down. I blew out my entire knee and thought after surgery I could just jump right back into running and I would have my body back. I was so wrong! I went through a year of physical therapy and every time I ran my knee swelled up like a balloon. In the meantime I started fad diets, signed up for gym classes I never attended and all in all gained about 25 pounds. I had to buy pants that’s were 3 sizes larger than I had every worn before. I felt so embarrassed about the way I looked and incredibly self-conscious.

I decided to start googling personal trainers in the Denver area and looking at the results they got for their clients. I decided to give Shape Plus a call. He called me back right away and set a time for me to come meet with him.

 My personal trainer Jess put me through a MMAP detailing my fitness routine and nutrition. I met my training partners that are two girls that always really kill their workouts. Those two girls have become some of my closest friends and helped me get to where I wanted to be! They pushed me on days that I felt tired and always kept a smile on my face.

Jess and the girls (because they deserve as much credit as him) helped me lose almost 30 lbs and gain an incredible amount of strength. I went from somewhere around 35% body fat to almost 19% body fat. And, I can do a pull-up! That’s flipping awesome! I’m so thankful for Jess and my Shape plus Family. I always look forward to every single workout! – Marissa G.

*There’s no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary.*

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