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Shawna is a personal trainer & partner at Shape Plus
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Specialist
  • Core Strength Specialist (CSP)
  • 12 yrs Training Experience


 Denver Manager, Personal Trainer

Greg has been an ACE certified trainer at Shape Plus for 12 years and he has a number of clients who have been working out with him for exactly that long.

His approach to ensuring his client’s training and programs are always on point includes making sure they are enjoying their workouts. This comes from his enthusiasm and pure love for fitness which is addictive.

Abs and core work are always first with him. His philosophy is to get them out of the way so that you do not have to do them at the end of your workout (or end up skipping them together!).

If you work out with Greg on a Friday, chances are you’ll be doing some Clean & Press (Heck yeah!). That surely is one killer way to start your weekend!

You can expect a wide variety of exercises and workouts when training with him. He likes to mix it up, utilizing everything from free weights to medicine balls, rings, exercise bands, sleds, kettlebells, Bosu balls and so much more in his toolbox. You will never get bored with your workouts!

“I feel that helping people get excited about exercise and improving the way they look and feel is the best approach to getting them “addicted” to daily exercise and making it a part of their regular routine.”

“When my clients return to the gym and tell me that they missed me, I know I have opened them up to a healthier lifestyle they can’t live without. When you become aware of your body through exercise and feel muscles you didn’t know you had, exercise becomes even more rewarding with each improvement of strength and looks.”

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At ShapePlus, our trainers work with individuals of different fitness levels, including injuries and limitations. In addition, our trainers maintain a current CPR/AED Certification from the American AED CPR Association and a NASM Personal Trainer certification or ACE Personal Trainer certification.

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