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Weight loss 34 pounds and gained strength

I never thought I’d be that guy who writes a story about how he woke up one day, out of shape only to find a way to get back his health and younger body and mind…well I am that guy. Just like all the typical stories, after college I got busy with work and life and I started taking more time off from physical activities. Without even knowing it, little by little I was starting to put a few pounds on year after year. I don’t remember where I was or what I was doing when I decided to get serious about getting into shape but I knew I couldn’t make this change real unless I found someone to help keep me motivated to change my ways.

I needed help in sticking to a workout and I remember I needed to find someone who knew what I was going through who honestly, wanted a change for me more that I wanted it for myself. That’s when I found my personal trainer Jess and Shape Plus personal training. Jess and his gym was exactly what I was looking for. He has change my life and my lifestyle and I’ve found a good friend too. He knew what I needed to do. He knew how I needed to change my lifestyle.

My personal trainer Jess knew how to guide me through what was to be one of the hardest but most fulfilling processes I’ve even done in my life. In a little under 12 weeks, I dropped 34 pounds and my strength is the highest I’ve ever known.I never thought I could be doing the things I’m doing, look as good as I feel and run miles after miles with ease. I have never been as excited and focused about working out and fitness as I am today. I still have a lot of goals to accomplish with Jess and I know I can get there with his guidance. If you trust Jess with his men’s strength training and nutrition program, do what he wants and you put in the hard time and effort, you can change your life too. -Drew L.

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