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Transformation from nutrition plan and workouts

It took me nearly a year to step into Shape Plus personal training from the first time I emailed Jess. My biggest fear was that I would be the one person that the program didn’t work for. I had tried all the other diets – Weight Watchers, Atkins, P90X and while I did get minor results, I couldn’t stick with any of them. 

All of my fears were calmed within five minutes of stepping into Shape Plus. Jess and his personal trainers were welcoming from the start. I have never felt out of place in his gym. At my first work out Jess and I discussed what my goals were. Ever since then, my workout has been all about me – what I need. My personal trainer has helped hold me accountable to my nutrition plan, my cardiovascular workouts, and my time in the gym. He pushes me when I need pushed and encourages me when I need help taking one more step.

The transformation that I have seen in my body is more than I ever believed could happen. I dropped from a size ten to a size two within 15 weeks. My body looks better now than it ever has. More than just physical though, I feel better mentally than I ever have. I feel better as a 33 year old than I ever did as an 18 year old. I’ve been working out at Shape Plus for 20 weeks now and don’t see myself stopping any time soon. It is absolutely my favorite two hours of the week! – Denise M.

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