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Months ago, after finally deciding enough is enough, I started to lose weight. First I changed the way I ate but not the way I moved. That was the easy part. I lost 40 pounds just by eating right.

Unfortunately, I still didn’t feel better. I had spent an entire college career getting fat. Instead of gaining the “freshman 15,” I gained the college 100. That’s when I got the great idea that I was going to join a gym. It would have worked just great if I actually went to that gym. But I didn’t go often enough or consistently. Then I decided it was time to get somebody to change the way I thought. I needed a life long change, not a quick fix. Fortunately I can say that Jess was the right person for the job. In his own way, Jess is not just a personal trainer but someone that actually cares. Since my first workout, I could tell it was not just about the workout. Jess genuinely cares about his clients and more importantly cares about our goals. Never once have I not worked as hard as I could –and that was because of the kind of personal trainer he is. It is not whether you’re going to achieve your goals but rather when you will achieve them. The workouts are always hard and exciting. I cannot think of a time when Jess didn’t know what to do to push me. Even when I thought there is nothing new we could possibly do, Jess would throw a new rigorous workout at me. I would come into a personal training session thinking I got this workout figured out. Well much to my muscles’ pleasant surprise I was in for a great hour of working out often with a new twist. I still remember my first lower body workout thinking, “Does he have any idea how hard it is going to be for me to drive home?” Well, it was all worth it. I have now lost 102 lbs total with 66 lbs of it with Jess! But even more importantly, I have changed my lifestyle in a meaningful way. So in so many words- Thank you, Jess. – Dan S.

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