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Ericka shows results from women's strength training program in denver

I wasn’t working out without a personal trainer and had a comfortable routine going 6 months ago. Comfortable was my problem. I needed a challenge! I heard about Shape Plus over the radio and decided to at least just give it a try. Then, I met Shawna, had my first personal training session and was instantly addicted! My 1st session was a wake up call! I saw that I was not at all where I wanted to be. I started looking around the gym and saw other clients’ results. I thought I’d never be THAT strong, but I kept at it anyway. I vividly remember the excruciatingly UNcomfortable 1st session. After I realized “I survived it”,

I found myself craving Shawna’s workouts. There’s soreness, sweat, four letter words, pain (which doubled with pleasure), and there’s RESULTS! I started noticing changes right away and soon, workout clothes and gloves were a necessity in my wardrobe. My goals suddenly seemed more possible than ever. I was challenged to actually do things (like pull ups) that I had never been encouraged to do in my comfortable routine. My personal trainer Shawna had a great insight and motivators to get me to love my cardio and not feel deprived by eating healthy!

Now, ALL my pants are falling off! Now, I know I’m a strong girl at the gym and NOW I’m being looked at like an inspiration! I feel amazing and have surpassed my goals and accomplished more than I could ever expect! I went in to “flatten out my tummy” and came out with a WHOLE new body, from head to toe. I can’t thank Shawna and all of the trainers at Shape Plus enough for all of the skill and knowledge that I’m now equipped with. We Rocked It! ; ) – Ericka L.

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