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Emma got strong and lean with her personal trainer

For years, I had tried to work out on my own, but I completely lacked the motivation and knowledge to achieve any results without help. Going to the gym or for a run was torture to me, so I barely ever went. While discussing this with a friend of mine, Meg, who had trained previously at Shape Plus she began telling me that she was interested in going back to her personal trainer Jess again and asked if I wanted to do it with her. I jumped at the chance, and we met with Jess. At first, I was a little skeptical that I could do it, but figured it would feel good just to get into better shape and lose a few pounds. After the first few weeks of changing my diet (drastically from the crap I had been eating) and attending personal training sessions, I felt a huge boost in my energy level and I started to feel my body change. I was addicted!

I looked forward to my workouts with Jess, and even picked up extras if I could. I hated doing cardio at first, but gradually I began to enjoy running which I never could have imagined. Suddenly, I started dropping weight, and not just the few pounds I thought I had to lose…. but 10, 20, and now almost 30lbs!! I was shocked at the amount of extra weight I didn’t realize I had to lose! People all around me began to recognize the changes and tell me how amazing they thought I looked, and I started getting compliments like “Your arms look so buff” and “Do you work out? Cause your back looks amazing.”

It has even motivated some of my friends to start working out, and a few are coming to Shape Plus now! Personal training with Jess has completely changed my mindset, and my life. I now can’t imagine not working out on a regular basis, or eating like crap like I used to. I feel and look better than I have in years thanks to my personal trainer, and I didn’t even realize it was achievable. The confidence that I have now is a feeling that I never want to lose, and the compliments I get from the people around me just motivate me to continue on the path that Jess and the Shape Plus staff have shown me. Thank you!! –  Emma S.

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