Weight loss and Toning program in Denver

In one of the hardest years of my life. My Mom was diagnosed with Cancer in November and I so I moved back to Chicago to be with her. She passed away that April but I stayed in Chicago to tie up loose ends until August. During the time that I was back in Chicago I gained about 20 lbs. I spent all my time at the hospital eating crap food and had absolutely no motivation to exercise. I moved back to Denver to start a Masters Program and although I was desperately trying to get back to a “normal life” I just couldn’t get myself motivated. School was all I could handle by myself. So since I couldn’t do it myself I decided to bring someone else into the picture. Yeah money is always a stipulation, but I figured if I didn’t pay for it now I would end up paying for it later, 10-fold. So that’s when I found Jess Hogue at Shape Plus Personal Training.

I had absolutely no idea how beneficial this experience would be both physically and emotionally. People always say that in order to look good you have to feel good. I think that the opposite can also be true. After working with my personal trainer Jess everything just started to click for me. The intensity of our workout was exactly what I needed to realize my inner strength again. I started doing better in school and feeling like myself again. Before I new it I was just about at my goal. Working out is my therapy. I know that by treating myself and my body right I have a better mindset at school as well as socially.

Although I want to punch him in the face sometimes I cant help but thinking that this experience gave me the strength to move forward and I have my personal trainer Jess to thank for my sweet ass which I never stop getting compliments on, and my piece of mind. -Meg C.

*There’s no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary.

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