Eileen looks amazing from her personal training at shape plus

I have never been to a personal trainer before…in fact, I am not really a gym person either. But one day after turning 42, I realized my old ways of getting in shape weren’t working as they had in the past. I couldn’t fit into my size 6 clothes anymore and I knew I could be better—much better, but I needed help. I searched the web for a personal trainer in Denver and chose Shape Plus Personal Training after much searching and speaking with the owner Jess who convinced me that “I can do this”. I wanted results quickly with no gimmicks and that is what I got. Jess, the owner, hooked me up with Jessica, who is my personal trainer goddess. My goals were simple—lose weight (about 15-20 lbs.), get toned, get strong, learn how to eat right, and have the knowledge to do it all on my own someday. I am happy to report that all of that has transpired due to my trainer Jessica, their nutrition plan, and my commitment to doing this for myself. 

Jessica was the perfect match for me—she has a no nonsense approach that motivates you and pushes you to do more than you thought you could. And she cares…even when some days, I wanted to just get through the hour, she took over and reminded me why I was there.  I have reached my goals due to Jessica, me, and Shape Plus, and I am thrilled. I know I can do this on my own, but I also know that I will sign up with Jessica again down the road when I need that injection of “ass kicking” that truly works and is actually fun.

Shape Plus is different—it’s a community of accredited professionals whose main goal is to help you reach yours. They care. You won’t find better personal trainers in Denver. Trust me, they deliver.  – Eileen W.

*There’s no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary.

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