Former Olympic athlete gets amazing results with his personal trainer

“Throughout the 90’s I was a competitive short track speedskater. I lived at various Olympic Training Centers,won national championships, and was never afraid of hard work. Since that time, 10 years have passed. Full-time work and full-time in school left me with all the excuses I needed to stay out of the gym. My energy levels were in the toilet, I had no strength, and got winded going up flights of stairs. I needed a life change, FAST! I knew through elite training how to get back in shape, so why could I not get myself off the couch? I needed a personal trainer there to push me and hold me accountable.

A friend recommended Jess to me. I was hesitant to call because I felt I already knew the answers. I was wrong, and had I not made that phone call I would have missed out on a life changing experience. I have worked with some of the best Olympic trainers and national coaches in the country in my past sport, and I can confidently say that Jess Hogue is right there at the top. Jess is professional, knowledgeable, patient and caring. He knows how to push you farther than you thought possible, yet still keeps his thumb on the pulse of how much is too much…a talent none of my coaches could master. I owe a debt of gratitude to my personal trainer Jess. He helped get me back on a healthy track. I feel healthy, have more stamina, more strength, and better balance. Thank you, Jess! ” -Chad P.

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