To all Members of Our Shape Plus Family,

We would first like to give a heartfelt “Thanks” to each of you for your continued support throughout this difficult time. Your loyalty has made each of our locations the very BEST place to train in Denver! Since some of you have missed workouts last week, it’s uncertain to know who misses who more…

That being said, there has been an exorbitant number of requests to continue remote personal training and nutritional counselling in the interim.  This is the absolute best modality for all of our Awesome clients to maintain their physical/mental health & fitness levels. (Nobody wants to lose those hard-earned GAINZZZ!!!)  In an effort to show our appreciation to You, we are now offering two separate options to meet our clients’ needs:


  1. Remote Training
  2. Freeze Right There


Your First Option is Remote Training where you can still have “The Best Time of Your Day” with us!
Your autopay will continue to run on schedule, and you will receive one remote session and one gym training session to bank for later use.


Shape Plus Remote Training is the latest, greatest thing to experience today! We utilize Facetime, Email, Text, Pics and Even Video conferencing to keep it personal.  You would be surprised at the positive response and constant feedback we have received each day from our test group. Now it’s ready for you!


We know your goals, and we are still 100% committed to helping you reach them!  We know your motivation, we know your strengths. We know you and you know us…that’s what makes it so Personal!


Workouts will be tailored for you in the space where you have taken pics or facetimed to show us. Have some workout equipment at home? We can utilize that equipment (and if you don’t have any, then no worries), while formulating effective workouts that will get you what you need.


Keeping your nutrition dialed in is now even MORE essential while your schedule is out of the ordinary.  No eggs at the store? Ok, have you ever tried salmon with toast & avocado for breakfast?  Maintaining correspondence with your trainer while tracking your meals will help to curtail regression. You can send us pics of your daily food journal and continue to receive recommendations via text, phone or email. Pictures of meals are also one of our favorites. Maybe you will even have lunch or Post workout shakes with your trainer!


Your Second Option is to Freeze Right There!

Your upcoming autopay will be on “___________” and it is worth double sessions! i.e… $210 = 8 sessions and $300 = 12 sessions! Then, no further autopays will be processed, and you are on “Freeze” until we resume location operations on April 30th, 2020 (assuming the ban will be lifted).  The sessions are valid up to 5 years from purchase date.


Please email us back your choice ASAP;

  1. Remote Training – Your trainer will contact you asap so that we can get you started this week.
  2. Freeze Right There – Bank all of your sessions.

As always, our primary focus is to keep you strong & healthy, and we are glad to assist you in any way possible!


Our very BEST to you always,

Shape Plus Staff